Services We Offer

Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET)

This programme seeks to support local authorities who are trying to help young people into work or education.  We have programmes running from 8 to 26 weeks where learners received respected, accredited qualifications to help them into employment whilst in the work place.


We specialise in finding the correct type and level of apprenticeship for your workforce.  An apprenticeship is for all ages not just for young people, in fact, anyone who wants to learn and develop their skills.  It is particularly good for people who want to earn while they learn in the work environment.  There are many types of apprenticeships (look at the National Apprenticeship Service website) ranging from basic qualifications up to degree level.


This is for young people seeking work experience and trying to improve their qualifications at the same time.  We run programmes across the country to get young people started!  The programmes range from 8 to 26 weeks in length.  They are excellent for young people who have literacy and / or numeracy qualifications below entry level 3.


This qualification often recognises people for the skills they have, it rewards people who can do the job but have never had the chance to achieve a qualification.  Generally funding is available for SME’s (companies with under 250 employees) without a financial contribution.  Other funding can often be secured for organisations between 250-1,000 and even greater than 1,000 employees.  If you tell us the size and location of your company, we can advise on the funding available for training.

Seasonal Staff

Most land managers have a need for additional staff at certain times of the year, for example

  • green waste
  • Christmas collections
  • grass cutting and bedding out
  • leafing

If you want us to run a thorough recruitment and selection process at no cost, with YOU selecting the final candidates at interview then contact us.  If you employ people aged 18 – 24 on minimum wage, who have been unemployed for over 13 weeks, you may be entitled to a wage incentive of over £1,000 per person.  This stops you paying expensive agency fees.

Front line environmental staff recruitment

Fed up paying expensive Agency fees, would you welcome a free recruitment service, where people are trained first. Contact us by phone or through our website.

Workforce Development

Many employees are eligible for some training funding but it is often difficult to find what, where and how much funding is available. The amount of funding can vary substantially from one year to the next, the area where somebody lives, the age of  the learner and the qualifications they already possess.If you want to know what funding your employees are eligible for just contact us on the website!

Find the Funding

Many organisations want their staff to be trained but in the present economic climate they do not have the funding or the resources to do this. Rather than spending your valuable time and resources seeking funding simply ask us to identify relevant funding streams. This will assist you to support your workforce develop their skills and ensure they are more valuable within the business.