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For the last eight years we have worked closely with local authorities, the private sector and charities to support people into employment both by direct recruitment and upskilling those wanting to progress into front line vacancies such as refuse collection, street sweeping, grounds maintenance staff, school caretakers and office cleaning.

More recently we have been working across a range of sectors helping people gain employment in the hospitality sector, warehousing and production and office work.

We do this in a number of ways but all of our support and training is free of charge to our customers and clients which creates a truly unique recruitment model.

There is no training fee, no recruitment fee, no management fee, simply NO Fee!

We want to work with organisations who wish to recruit new employees and upskill and recognise their employees and key workers through providing accredited qualifications to assist their personal development and future opportunities.

To find suitable candidates, we work in local communities via a national network of organisations including Jobcentre Plus, work programmes and charities across England.

To discuss how we may be able to help you, please contact:

David Smith -Managing Director / 07976 756483


Services we offer

Staff recruitment

Fed up paying expensive Agency fees?

Would you welcome a free recruitment service, where people are trained first?

We are skilled at providing staff to a variety of  industries including:

  • Street cleansing
  • Refuse collection
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Estate cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Leisure parks customer services
  • Hospitality
  • Warehousing and production
  • Office workers

We must be providing a minimum of three staff in the locality even if the employees will be based at different local depots or offices.

All potential staff will complete a relevant one week accredited training programme and in return we will pay for their certificates in addition to guaranteeing an interview with the employer.

If candidates do not complete the one week training programme they will not receive an interview.

Seasonal Staff

Many businesses have a need for additional staff at certain times of the year, for example

  • Green waste / grounds maintenance
  • Street cleansing
  • Hospitality
  • Holiday parks / amusements

If you want us to run a bespoke recruitment and selection process at no cost, with YOU selecting the final candidates at interview then contact us.  This stops you paying expensive agency fees.


We specialise in finding the correct type and level of apprenticeship for your workforce.  An apprenticeship is for all ages not just for young people, in fact, anyone who wants to learn and develop their skills.  It is particularly good for people who want to earn while they learn in the work environment.  There are many types of apprenticeships (look at the National Apprenticeship Service website) ranging from basic qualifications up to degree level.  Most apprenticeships can be fully funded for large businesses through their apprenticeship levy.  (The Apprenticeship levy covers 100% of funding for large businesses and 95% for SMEs).

The most popular apprenticeships we train people on are

  • Large Goods Vehicle ( Level 2) – This apprenticeship starts at the basic Level 2 standard and is suitable for people who have a full UK manual car driving licence but wants to upgrade to drive anything from refuse vehicles to street sweeping machines and gully machines. It is delivered over 13 months and can be funded by the Apprenticeship Levy fully for larger organisations and with only a 5% contribution for SME’s.
  • Waste Resource Operative Apprenticeship ( Level 2) – This is a new apprenticeship ( developed by WAMITAB) and is proving popular if you want to offer training to your refuse collection , recycling and street cleansing operatives. It can be delivered over 13 months and once again can be funded 100% through your Apprenticeship Levy for large organisations. A 5% contribution is required from SME’s
  • Other Apprenticeships that are widely used are Team Leading apprenticeship for Supervisors and Managers, Business admin for white collar staff at the depots and Customer services apprenticeship for a wide range of staff.

There are many apprenticeship standards available for further information just contact us today on 07976756483 or fill in the contact form details.

Online Courses

We now offer over 50 new level 2 accredited courses for unemployed, employed, furloughed or retired learners.  Whether its vocational or to enhance your job prospects, the qualifications we provide are high quality and offer online tutor support.

Anyone in England who is over 19 and has been a resident in the EU for the last 3 years can have access to our courses at no cost.

Our most popular qualifications include:

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Adult Social Care
  • Business Start Up
  • Safeguarding and Prevent

To see a list of all courses, please visit our Online Courses page

Or if you know which course you would like to enrol on click here to enrol now

Find the Funding

Many employees are eligible for some training funding but it is often difficult to find what, where and how much funding is available. The amount of funding can vary substantially from one year to the next, the area where somebody lives, the age of  the learner and the qualifications they already possess.If you want to know what funding your employees are eligible for just contact us on the website!

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